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Rhonda Alexander Memorial Marine Education Grant

15 March, 2011

The Australian Maritime Environmental Protection Association's (AUSMEPA'S) Executive Director, Michael Julian, announced today the launch of the Rhonnda Alexander Memorial Marine Education Grant in the memory of Rhonnda Alexander and her support for AUSMEPA as well as for marine conservation and marine environment education.

Rhonnda was married to Michael Alexander, AUSMEPA's first Chairman, for 46 years until her tragic death on 19 July 2010 in a car accident near their Peregian Springs home.

Rhonnda played a key role in the setting up of AUSMEPA and encouraging her husband Michael to also get involved and accept the challenge of being the inaugural Chairman. Throughout her husband's Chairmanship Rhonnda was a keen supporter of AUSMEPA making suggestions on how AUSMEPA could grow and achieve its goals.

AUSMEPA will award the grant of $3,000 each year to the school that can demonstrate, in its application for the grant, the most effective school marine education project that will lead to students actively improving the marine environment. This could include educating their local community and other environmental behaviour change activities.

The type of project is entirely up to each school; however the grant application must meet the required criteria.

For the first year of the grant, applications are being sought only from schools whose teachers are members of the Marine Teachers Association of Queensland. Once AUSMEPA has gained experience in administering the grant, applications next year and subsequent years will be invited from all schools in Australia.

Applications will close at the end of April with AUSMEPA announcing the school to be awarded the grant at the end of May 2011.

For more details please email: mjulian@bigpond.net.au

Source - AUSMEPA

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