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A Step Closer to Port Performance Measurement - ESPO Launches PPRISM Pilot

27 July, 2011

Port authorities and port community stakeholders take pride in the important contribution seaports deliver to European trade and welfare. But is anyone outside the industry aware of this? And what does the port sector really know itself about its overall performance, apart from the number of tonnes and passengers handled?

With the PPRISM project coming closer to its completion, this will change. At the end of 2011 the project will deliver a Port Sector Performance Dashboard that will measure performance trends in the European port sector. With the project, which is supported by the European Commission, ESPO intends to create a culture of performance measurement and reporting in the sector which today is far from being general practice. As such, PPRISM is not looking at the performance of individual ports and terminals, but focuses mainly on the performance of the port system as a whole.

During the past year ESPO members together with business and societal stakeholders engaged in an extensive assessment of potential indicators. This has resulted in a shortlist of fourteen indicators.

ESPO has now launched a EU-wide pilot project to implement these indicators. The pilot is conceived as a crucial test for the actual feasibility of the selected indicators and for data collection at European level. The process is expected to show important problems, such as data comparability, and will allow to further refine calculation methods, data collection and analysis of the indicators.

Port authorities associated with ESPO have received last week a user-friendly form with data requirements for the selected indicators, which they are kindly requested to complete by 15 September. Port authorities wishing to participate in the pilot and which didn't received the form yet, are invited to contact the ESPO secretariat at pprism@espo.be.

A personal message from ESPO Secretary General Patrick Verhoeven on the pilot can be seen on the ESPO YouTube channel.

Source - European Seaports Organisation

A Step Closer to Port Performance Measurement - ESPO Launches PPRISM Pilot
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