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Today is Thursday, February 21, 2019


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Let us think a little out of the box, beyond the conventional and popular views. Please answer me one question, is there a record of ozone layer damage, green house effect, global warming, glacier melting earlier in the history of earth? If yes, then when & why?

Unless we go deeper into the matter, we cannot come to the exact answer. Each step we take to remedy the current cause, we are getting burdened with bigger problems in future. It is customary to blame and get hyped about the most visible cause, neglecting thousands of invisible causes.

How clean is other form of energy? Like Hydro-electric, Solar, CNG?  Yes they do not emit visible evil black smokes for us to see, but what are the invisible effects? Will they create bigger problems for mankind and earth in time to come? 

We must think and plan now, so that we are not trapped again in a situation, whereby we burden mother earth and our future generation with bigger problems.

The past 100 years have given us experience that each solution we have found to the then current problem has brought about bigger problems in future, that is today.

Arun Kumar, 
Ex-Chief Engineer

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