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A Lady in Need Welcomes You

7 January, 2011

Ms. SS SHIELDHALL has reached the spritely age of 55 and is currently the last fully operational coastal steam / passenger vessel operating in Europe. Like all vessels, the lady needs to rest out of water for dry-docking inspection, maintenance and for any repairs to her bottom and underwater parts, while at the same time giving a makeover to her other body work and machinery.

SS Shieldhall’s keel was laid down during October of 1954 in Renfrew Scotland at the Lobnitz & Co shipyard. Born on 7 July 1955, she entered service close to her conception anniversary date in October of the same year. She boasts a straight stem and a cruiser stern with classical lines connecting them, bolstered by welded and riveted seams and, adorned with a traditional wheelhouse of her era.

Until her coming of age, for 21 years S.S. faithfully performed her duty as a sewage sludge tanker for the Glasgow Corporation.  Being a traditional type, she continued the fashion of her pedigree bearing room for up to 80 passengers that she diligently carried in the summer months on her trips to take the tangy sea air, there to “dump” the contents of her bowls before returning to fill her belly once again.

After a sojourn of a year, she sought fresher pastures and moved to the Southampton area. Following a nip and tuck, she continued her service under the Southampton Water Authority to nature and man. In 1985, the ever-increasing costs of her triple expansion foodstuff saw her laid off again. Through compassion for her perpetuation, those who loved her took over.

In 1988, S.S. was saved further from her bondage and under the tender care of Southampton City Museum’s bosom, she flushed with youth yet again. S.S. to this day continues in her work of airing the lungs of men women and children seeking a short respite from their toils on land for a breath or two of the fresh sea airs she has to offer.

Those who tend upon her do so with consideration giving willingly of their time skills and respect reserved for grand folks in order that others may spend a few brief relaxing hours in her company. However, S.S.  has not confined to herself to the backyard and has ventured forth to Dordrecht in Holland to party at the steam festival there and to Bristol as well as nearby Portsmouth.

Her more complete story is contained within the pages of, “Shieldhall, the Story of a Clyde Banana Boat” that can be had for under a fiver at this SHOP along with other memorabilia of her and others of her ilk. This helps in keeping her trim and tidy by providing her with her simple dietary needs

Being responsible for the lives of others, is a awesome responsibility and the price tag of obligatory but indispensable check-ups to competently discharge this heavy weight on her shoulders is more than her bank account can cope with. As her kind is, she is too proud to seek the help of others. However her master has grasped the helm firmly and charge by her crew and minders has launched an appeal to the generosity of your hearts to allow the intrepid essence of a much cherished lady to continue in her chores by giving what you can to SS SHIELDHALL

Jim Nicoll.


P.S. Please pass this on to those who appreciate Lovely Ladies.

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