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Matters Maritime - Legal

6 January, 2011

At points in sojourning through life’s journeys, we all need to seek out legal opinions or advice relating to various business related or personal issues.

Recently, I registered with The Shippers’ Voice (set up as an independent networking site, primarily for shippers, but we welcome participation and contributions from all others involved in the transport and logistics industry. We aim to be a repository of knowledge: opinions, policies and insights, and to share information about developments and issues of critical importance to shippers). I have found the insights provided to be of great interest, more so as their “Legal Eagle” newsletter provides what they describe as “An easy-going insight into the legal world of freight transport.” For one, I certainly find that it lives up to its claim and having been brought up to share good things, I have copied below the latest Legal Eagle offerings.

Being an ex seafarer, I found “The Politics of Piracy” article particularly interesting perhaps more so as a vessel I was in, suffered from a serious machinery breakdown resulting is us having to drop anchor off Obbia, now Hobyo in Somalia. The lighthouse that beckoned to us in about 1972 was working but recent picture of it indicates that this is no longer the case. To view it, please click http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/static.panoramio.com/photos/original/1769114.jpg But not to digress too much, you can visithttp://www.faceofshipping.com/user/topic/blog_philanthropy.asp for that story.

Back on the course to where I was going, you can click on the blue headers and these will link you to The Shippers’ Voice site where you can register for free in order to read items of your choice.

The Politics of Piracy

Amidst news-grabbing assaults on cargo vessels near Somalia over the past couple years, many U.S. maritime lawyers have found themselves pondering the definition of piracy in the modern era.

Supreme Court Reviews “Without Prejudice” Rule

When you read the term “without prejudice”, do you know what it means, and whether anything you say could be used at a later stage against you?

Foreign Plaintiff Must Pay Security for Court Costs

International claims often involve foreign parties; in order to protect the defendant’s rights to have costs paid for by the plaintiff if the case against the defendant is unsuccessful, rules exist which provide that the plaintiff should provide a guarantee to the court to cover legal costs and expenses.

Protection for senior managers from damages and costs

The Court of Appeal in England unanimously ruled that a corporate undertaking, upon which the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) had imposed a penalty for breaches of competition law, could not sue its former directors, officers or employees for damages equivalent to that penalty or the costs of the OFT investigation that the claimant had had to bear. 

Jim Nicoll

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