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Today is Thursday, February 21, 2019

Should Owner/Manager Take More Proactive Steps In Projecting Importance of Shipping In Survival Of Mankind And Their Continued Prosperity?

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A child grows up watching movies like Pirates of Caribbean; Treasure Island, combined with the old legacy, it leaves a negative influence in the subconscious mind of people. When they grow up to be decision-makers, their mind automatically works against the seafarers, even though they are not at fault.

Today lawmakers and the public are more likely to be more sympathetic towards cruelty/unfair treatment towards animals than towards seafarers. It requires a massive and sustained campaign by the shipping industry to counter-balance this effect.

Here I want to quote Mike Salthouse, Director of the ‘A' rated 95 million GT mutual, “As an industry, we have allowed a situation to develop in which the only time that shipping comes into the public eye is when disaster has struck. The public can thus hardly be blamed for having a poor image of the shipping industry - but it is this poor perception that lies at the root of many our problems.” Salthouse points out that the public at present expects politicians to penalise ship-owners and their crews whenever something goes wrong - despite their increasing dependence on shipping for day-to-day living. Seafaring will become an increasingly unpopular profession, increasing the difficulty of sourcing crew which, in turn, will have a knock-on effect in terms of casualties. Legislators will further penalise shipping interests and restrict ship-owners' liability rights.”

Therefore, in order to enhance the image of shipping, the industry needs to come together as one and show to the world the positive side of shipping. Let us act now before it is too late!

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