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Today is Thursday, February 21, 2019

Death Of A Pirate: The Irony Of It All

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There was a considerable amount of jubilant reaction to the news that a pirate had been killed on March 23. The death was attributed to privately-employed armed security guards who thwarted an attempt to take over the vessel ALMEZAAN.

The EU Navfor ESPS NAVARRA of the Spanish Navy was dispatched to the location of the incident to render help. The suspects were spotted by a helicopter from NAVARRA that fired warning shots in order to stop two pirate skiffs and their mother vessel. During follow up operations, a suspect was found to have died as a result of wounds sustained from small caliber gunshots.

Six suspects, along with the corpse of the dead man were taken on board the NAVARRA. Following which the mother ship was destroyed – sent to Davy Jones Locker - but what about the oil pollution from its bunkers?

A day after apprehending the suspects, NAVARRA released them all and made arrangements for handing over of the cadaver. The suspects were released as neither the ALMEZAAN, nor its hired guns could provide sufficient evidence against the suspects so that they could have been prosecuted, if anyone wanted to.

It would be an interesting scenario, if the family of the dead man now files a court case against the ALMEZAAN owners and the security company for his death.

The above can be viewed along with various blog comments athttp://www.eunavfor.eu/2010/03/pirate-dies-in-attempted-hijacking-%e2%80%93-eu-navfor-detains-pirate-action-group/

Once again on April 3, a USA naval vessel captured 11 suspected pirates and sank their mother ship. No one said a word about the resulting oil pollution.

Worst still, the pirates were released and allowed to leave the scene in their skiffs. The 11 had apparently attempted to take the Sierra Leone Flag vessel EVITA as a prize, but the vessel was too fast for them.

In this case, it seems neither the Flag State, nor Kenya, that has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the EU Navfor forces, wanted it either.

The USA could have tried them in the USA but they too developed cold feet, it seems.

The Kenya prosecution option now seems to be a lame duck as in spite of the MOU and receiving one million dollars, it has now decided to rescind such agreements as its legal system can no longer bear the burden on its prisons and courts.

So where does it go from here?

Jim Nicoll

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