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Today is Thursday, February 21, 2019

Must Act - Hebei Spirit

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Here is a chance to do something positive in response to the injustice meted out to the two officers of Hebei Spirit, beyond writing in various forums and taking out candle light procession.

Today I read a news that SCI is ordering 4 super tanker, total value of over half a billion dollar. The bidders are from six Korean company, including the main villain Samsung Heavy Industries, and two Chinese and one Indian company. In this case the decision takes will be from one of us. We must lobby hard even take out procession to SCI office that Korean firm should not be awarded these contracts. We must show them that they stand to loose out in the long run.

Not only this, but V-ships and other shipping companies, if are really interested in passing the message to Samsung Heavy Industries and Korean Government about the injustice, they should try, as far as possible avoid Korean shipyards for new order or repair or dry-docking. In the today's world of recession it will not be very difficult, nor will it be heavy on the purse to find alternate shipyards.
I think Korea's major GDP depends upon shipping industry; they can ill afford this kind of action by shipping companies.

All seafarers sitting on position of "Decision Takers" can make lot of difference, not only in changing the shipping image but also in reducing the victimization of seafarers. If we don't or can't act then don't cry for injustice meted out to you and expect somebody from heaven will come to help. Just stop blaming the world for it, blame yourself.

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